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The Urgency of the Arts

Call and Response


Alice Oliver

MA Photography

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Introduce an overview of your practice

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Show and present one piece of work or one element of your practice that you  have developed since the last Call and Response workshop.


Gypsophila, Maiden's Tea, Artemisia, St. John's Wort, Pennyroyal, and Rue.

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Present how this connects to one or more of the urgent themes outlined by Urgency of the Arts

I believe my practice connects to multiple themes outlined


- Ecologies - nature - land - life cycles - plants


- Identity - female identity, loss of female knowledge over time due to male control


- Agency - women's reproductive rights


- Community - community of women healers - herbalists, midwives, nurses, and empirics - the traditional healers


- Ritual - traditional healers - witch rituals - folklore


- Material knowledge - traditional healers, herbalists, and witches work with natural materials, as does my practice


- Healing - traditional healers


- Tenderness - women healers and reproductive rights


- Mutualism - interaction between individuals of different species - women, plants, and celestial objects


- Solidarity - witches and the community of women healers - herbalists, midwives, nurses, and empirics, the traditional healers

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