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RWA Digital Content Curator Interview Tasks - Alice Oliver

Task 1 - Suggest two ways you would use content to promote the re-opening of RWA in April 2022. 


A short upbeat promotional video to advertise and give a sneak peek of the newly updated RWA gallery for the re-opening in April 2022


This short video is an example of what I might make to promote the re-opening of the RWA and The Light and Inspiration Project that has been going on around it. 

It is made by editing a few videos that I found on the RWA's YouTube channel, and the PHD Building Advisory Ltd's Instagram account, where they have used a drone to show the progress of the renovations and restorations of the RWA.

(I, of course, understand the copyright issues around this if it was to be published, however, it is just an example of what I can do)

The video was edited with Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, and also Adobe Photoshop. I cut together relevant visuals and audios to create a short and upbeat promotional video, paired with a copyright-free soundtrack.

I imagine this video being used on Instagram, as a post but also as a Reel, to reach a large range of demographics but especially younger generations. Based on the statistics that as of October 2021, roughly 32% of global Instagram audiences were aged between 25 and 34 years. Over two thirds of total Instagram audiences were aged 34 years and younger and this makes the platform particularly attractive for marketing and promoting content.


Instagram is a great platform for marketing as you can measure the reach and success of every post using the inbuilt Insights Tool, which allows you to view analytics measuring the performance of the content, and better understand what audiences and demographics you are reaching. 

Also, to reach beyond the RWA's current following, the post can be boosted and turned into an Ad. 27% of Instagram users say they find new products and brands through paid social ads. You can specify your target audience’s location, demographics, and interests. So, for example, you can target people who live in Bristol or the South West.

I also believe that this type of video could be shared on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, which all have similar insight tools to measure success.

As these forms of social media are free, they have a larger user base reaching a wider demographic of people, this makes the information of the re-opening and the Light and Inspiration project more accessible.


A fun and visually interesting digital newsletter to be sent out via email to promote and advertise the re-opening of the RWA, and give a monthly update of what is going on in the gallery and externally that month. 


Images and Logos are hyperlinked!

Click me!

All of these events are hyperlinked!

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The second way I would use content to promote the reopening of RWA is a monthly or bimonthly digital newsletter, sent out to audiences via email. The newsletter would be fun, bright, and clear but also contain all the information guests would need before planning a visit. In the build up to the re-opening, this can be used to promote and advertise the re-opening of the RWA as well as the Light and Inspiration Project, but also gives a monthly update of what is going on in the gallery and/or externally that month. 

This method of promotion would be targeting a different audience, those who are perhaps not on social media, maybe the older generation, or those who choose to avoid social media platforms, for example, because of mental health reasons. It would also be a good way to update and inform returning guests who have visited the RWA prior to the closure and renovations, those whom you may already have the email addresses of. When visiting the RWA website there could be a pop-up asking whether guests would be interested in signing up for the email newsletter, perhaps offering a small discount on ticket prices in hopes to encourage guests to sign-up.

The digital newsletter would be fully hyperlinked to all of the relevant pages on the RWA website, like the examples I have made above. This means that the newsletter is interactive and in turn, really easy to use, even for those who may not be comfortable using digital technology, therefore making it accessible to all.

The email and hyperlink format will also allow you to measure the reach and actions guests are taking. By using email key performance indicators (KPIs) you can track the rate at which your emails are received, opened, and clicked, etc. The same goes for the hyperlinks to the RWA website. Depending on the website, you should be able to track the insights and how much website traffic is coming from these links.

Task 2 - Show us a piece of content you are proud of, and that you think most applies to this role at RWA and why? 


Back in August of this year, I set up SOLA Journal, an artist-led platform facilitating exploration and conversations within contemporary visual art, for both digital contexts and in print. I wanted to create a platform that provided a space for emerging visual and photographic artists to allow for collaboration and creative exposure to positively influence the spectator and encourage growth through platforming under-represented creatives.

I started the project by launching a series of Artist Instagram takeovers which has had a huge amount of interest and so far there have been almost 20 artists, from all over the world and all different backgrounds, showcasing their work, making connections, and starting conversations. This has been a big success and I have artists lined up to do weekly takeovers until June of next year.

This project has taught me a lot about using digital platforms, especially Instagram, to promote digital content. This is how I have learned about using Instagram's inbuilt Insights Tool to measure the reach and success of every post, measuring the performance of the content, and gaining a better understanding of what audiences and demographics I am reaching. I think this knowlegde and experience are applicable to the Digital Content Curator role at the RWA. I would like to put these skills into practice to help to promote the RWA and its exciting new projects.


I have also started a monthly online interview series with visual artists where they are in conversation with me to discuss their practice. This ranges from more established artists to emerging artists, fresh out of art school. These are then published on the SOLA Journal website,, and they are then promoted through Instagram too. Through the website, I can also use the inbuilt Wix tools to measure the traffic the website receives.

To build and maintain this website and make sure it is reaching the most people I have just started to look into SEO (search engine optimisation), using platforms like Google Analytics to help me to identify opportunities for improvement, gain a deeper understanding of the website’s data, and how to optimise the reach of the website on search engines.


I believe my growing knowledge of website analytics and SEO tools can be applied within the role of Digital Content Curator, and given the chance, I would like to keep building on my knowledge to help to promote and curate the compelling and engaging digital content for the RWA.

Screenshot 2021-12-12 at 15.15.14.png
Screenshot 2021-12-12 at 15.15.27.png

Thank you for taking the time to consider my application and I look forward to discussing this further with you in the interview!

Best Wishes,


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