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after the dust has settled


after the dust has settled, there is a space for solitude. a place for unstructured dialogues, for conversations that fall in no particular order. 



in a time of lost connections, find imprints of presence in-between the absence. past the dust that seems to shroud, settling at the margins and forming folds in reality. polished smooth by the layers of time.



like soft veiled figures in windows projecting faint rays into the fading light. a fly on the wall pressed to the glass. just to disintegrate into a muted void. 



as we find ourselves in a strange cartography, our sense of place is in constant flux. a postcard from the edge. an ever-changing conversation. a collection of encounters. particles engraved in a forgotten place. 




                                                                       after the dust has settled.

after the dust has settled is a limited-edition box of postcards featuring photographs by Alice Oliver made between 2018 - 2021.


The box contains a set of 20 individual A6 prints on G.F Smith Accent Antique 300gsm. Contained in a die-cut envelope using G.F Smith Color Plan 350gsm. Printed by Boss Print. Published by SOLA Journal, 2021.

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