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AFTER THE WAITING ROOM brings together works by over thirty recent graduates from RCA MA Photography at Copeland Gallery, London, SE15 3SN.

AFTER THE WAITING ROOM is curated by artist Lucas Bullens. The exhibition is a reflection of a temporal space where experimentation and supersession are key. An exploratory osmosis with the beyond and continuous discoveries through the opening of new doors.

With a year of stillness followed by one of perpetual movement, each artist presents works from these past two years. An amalgamation of reactions from many individuals, using photographic techniques that explore the medium from the inside out. Each and every being has their own unique set of internal hallways, dream-plastered walls, and rooms that have yet to be entered.


Julia Albrecht; Benjamin Bird; Lucas Bullens; Guanling Chen; Hsueh-Hung (Brian) Cheng; Andreea Chitan; Elissa Jane Diver; Sarabeth Domal; Emily Gardner; Xiangyin Tom Gu; Xinyu Hao; Katrine Hoff; Francesca Hummler; Thomas Jenkins; Noa Klagsbald; Lea Lerma; Minxu Li; Fernanda Liberti; Ou Lin; Kaihao Luo; Jiahao Lyu; Selina Naouma; Alice Oliver; Til Qingshan Han; Tianxiang Shi; Can Sun; Zhen Tang; Yuxiao (Freja) Tian; Jesus Torio; Nathan Tuttle; Penghua Wang; Sichan Wang; Yudi Wu; Isabelle Young; Joe Zhou; William Zou.

Special thanks to:

Laura Milnes, Sarah Jones and Hermione Wiltshire

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