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Were it to exist


Other than as a scattered dying hallucination. In an ongoing study into the rural landscape, focusing on the duality of our relationships with nature, its illusions, and existence in what is becoming an ever urban world. Through the study of bucolic artefacts and otherlyness, Alice draws inspiration from the imagery associated with superstitions, myths and stories and their pervasiveness in everyday rural life.


By visualising Britain’s drifting and often conflicted relationship with its own landscape, Alice explores some of the rural’s darker and more hidden histories or superstitions. Delving into the issues surrounding the UK's class systems’ and their impact on the ethics within the natural world, in regards to both land privatisation and ownership or right to wild animals. Through investigating the historic rhythms and rituals of rural Britain as an inhabited and observed realm, the work has become an exploration into the duality of Alice's own relationship with the rural, searching for some way to express this underlying unsettledness of the postcard countryside dream and the contradictory nature of society’s relationship to the rural.

Alice Oliver 6.jpeg

can you hear that?

rumours of skin

of life or death?

just over there

beneath the epidermis veneer

in the quiet damp?


retracted with time

you can see the gaunt decay

of empty skin untouched

forgotten, unseen


brings an intense silence
in the headlights

rest your legs

remain unseen


just over there

deep in the womb

this pliable mortal contour

with an inky fluorescence

life continues despite knowing of death

our own pale ritual


Screenshot 2021-02-09 at 18.26.21-Recove

Were it to exist

In the presence of their remains

Polished smooth by the layers of time

Engraved in a forgotten place

of soil and sediment

Shaped by the transient time exposed


Like soft veiled figures in windows

Projecting faint rays into the fading light

Curtains hang, solid

Disintegrating into a muted void

An obscure fluorescence permeates from the domain

Darkness cannot exist outside of the light

Forecasting the illusion of the ideal



Light acquiesces to the contour of the night

Partial and permanent

The presence of absence

And the absence of presence

A fly on the wall

Pressed to the glass

The truth unveiled

Dissolving into nothingness

Other than as a scattered dying hallucination

Screenshot 2021-02-09 at 18.24.01-Recove
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