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Hyun Jean Lee \ Light Green Leaves with Light

Updated: May 6, 2020

multi-channel video projection installation, stereo sound

One sunny and hot day afternoon, do you remember the experience looking at the sky under the tree taking a little break? Tree leaves layered with intermingling branches shows the diverse greenness including sunlight behind them. And the sunlight piercing through those leaves and branches is so strong that even with closed eye I can feel its origin. I think that the light in moving images, especially the image with projection light very much take after the light in nature. The principle of moving images representing their individual colour using Red, Green, Blue is also very similar to the one for additive process representing colour in nature. Therefore, although the light represented in media is artificially created light, it can express the nature light. This multi-channel video projection installation is to think of the greeness of nature and the light in-between those greens and therefore, our bodies can perceptually experience the nature and the source of light in its media experience. Technically this project uses multi-channel projections to make a kind of space to explore with layers of screen. Screen material is semi-transparent so that it becomes a display screen simultaneously revealing the scene behind and beyond. In this installation, I hang each projectors little bit lower than the usual projector display setting, so that they reveal their projection light source directly to the viewers, although it is revealed through the screen. With the shining sun in the video images, the physical shining projection light doubles the experience of light. - Hyun Jean Lee
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