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Through this body of work I have embraced the spirit of activist aesthetics and created an interactive outcome. The issue I have chosen to explore was Sexual Harassment, which is currently a hugely relevant topic that I feel very strongly about. Through the weeks of workshops I experimented with collage, zines and moving image, but I came to the conclusion I wanted to make a moving image piece using appropriation of found images, video clips and news reports. I was hugely inspired by Adam Curtis’ ‘HyperNormalisation’ documentary film and his other works. Alongside the video clips, I made some collages on photoshop using text and imagery. I then overlaid my collages onto the found video clips. For the audio, I started the video with voice clip of Donald Trump and then uses a repetitive drum beat from the intro to the song ‘What if I go’ by Mura Masa. I think the beat without the singing adds a strong but not distracting audio for my video. I see my video as an installation with the moving image piece projected down a corridor. I think that the construct of a corridor creates a sense of claustrophobia and entrapment, which are some of many feelings you might experience if you were being sexually harassed. I also think that having prints of my collages on the walls in the corridor, so you can walk up and down to view them, whilst the video is projected onto them, makes the installation very interactive and will fully surround the viewer.

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