a l i c e

o l i v e r

to the river

Walks along the river have always been a

regular event for me throughout my childhood, but

this body of work begun from one particular, end of winter 

walk, where the plains were flooded and river was high and fast.

Only then did I have the realisation of how powerful the water can

be, the ability to break its own banks and destroy anything in its path.


During this walk of casual observations and broken thoughts, I began to see the river, almost for the first time again. Suddenly personified, the water became a kind of cryptic form; the invisible liquid of life, oxygen, it’s presence and power to flow through anything. 


Continuously moving,

the liquid has the ability to

break though anything over time.

The bulging rushing water becomes a

being, powerful enough to lure and hypnotise. 

Even the most intelligent minds can be overcome by rivers 


Something that I had never really considered before, suddenly became a mystic being that obsessed me. Through the use of moonlight exposures, cyanotypes and other dark room experiments, I attempted to investigate this cryptic being.