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The Waiting Room is a remote collaborative publication that myself and twenty-two of my peers created as a response to our first year at the RCA.

The project was led by Charlotte Hart and Lucas Bullens.

the waiting room 

It is an inbetween space. A suspension of time, or a slowing of time that you cannot control. The Waiting Room is neither here nor there. 

                                                                                         It is nothing. 

A space of silence, instead of conversations we share unknown glances, questioning looks that search for something in those around us. Separated by a distance that we cannot know only feeling our own isolation. 

Open the box, take out a card, and another. Read them side by side. It could sit atop the mantel or be taped against the wall. Send a card. lose one, let it fall between the pages of a book. Or simply return them to the box. Something will shift the order has been shuffled and each card occupies a different place amongst its comrades. New alliances form between the layers as each sees something new in the other. 

An archive. Something to be returned to, contemplated, in a future time. It can be read and reread. Each image carrying a meaning from its maker, yet forever offering itself to be reinterpreted. 

They are musings, memories, expressions of ideas. They want to be shared. 

                                We are simply trying to make sense of our time. 

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