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Anne McGuire \ Strain Andromeda The

Anne McGuire is a moving image artist re-appropriated the 1971's sci-fi classic The Andromeda Strain by Robert Wise. McGuire's re-edit Strain Andromeda reassembles the entire movie completely in reverse, one shot at a time. Starting with the end and ending with the start; a concept absurd enough to intrigue any human being. This is not a simple of setting the VHS to rewind, McGuire has edited each individual clip to a new sequence that creates something that at first is nonsensical, but which slowly uncovers the narrative like an extensive and complex cinematic jigsaw.

Strain Andromeda The questions the whole history of story telling by reordering so that you begin with a climax and the story incrementally reveals the stages that led up to that moment. A concept very similar to Christopher Nolan’s famous Memento (2000), however preceded it by nearly a decade. The method of observing the story this way round encourages the spectator to piece together the fragments of what proceeded and came before and then reassemble the narrative formally inside their own head.


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