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Audio Tests

Updated: May 8, 2020

In terms of moving image, I think the audio is sometime just as important as the images and editing show. In the past I have always edited the footage to the audio, so that when the sound crescendos, so does the footage. However, this time, it doesn't work like that as I have the film being played unsynchronised on multiple projectors, so the audio wouldn't be in sync with the images. That is why I have chosen to make an audio that is consistent throughout, so it could be played on a speaker over all of the projections.

Audio 1:

The first audio I made used the acoustic introduction the Ben Howard's Promise as a very faint repetitive background sound. On top of that I layered high pitched noises to try and create a level of uncomfort, alongside audio clips from the archive footage, like children signing skipping songs. However I wasn't happy with this audio and felt it was too twinkly.

Audio 2:

For second go at making the audio, I chose to use a different background song, as I felt Ben Howard's song way too twinkly and pop-like. I came across a very simple Avant-garde electronic song that I didn't this was too overpowering but added a interesting level of apprehension and could have the ability to make the spectator slightly uneasy. The song is called Believe it Don't You by Paper Tether. I also used the same high pitched noises and audio clips from the archive footage. I also feel this audio have some moments of crescendo that could work well anywhere in the video, which is why it works being played over the multichannel videos

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