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Gerogie Friedman \ Seas and Skies

Georgie Friedman is known as an multi-media artist whose works vary from large-scale installations, multi-channels video pieces and several photographic series also. Her work consistently studies a wide range of phenomena including atmospheric and oceanic conditions. She merges video, sound, site-specific installation and the physics of light, to create immersive spaces and experiences for spectators. I take a lot of inspiration from Friendman's affect causing immersive installations and I think that they successfully evoke and promote the beauty of the natural world.

In this series of video installations, I digitally reframe natural elements by projecting footage onto existing architecture or sculptural forms in order to draw attention to our natural, built, and digital environments. I am fascinated by the power of these natural phenomena in relationship to human fragility. I work to transform the natural elements’ visual properties, scale or positioning, creating a range of representation and abstraction within each piece. I want to highlight our relationships to interior/exterior spaces by altering our typical perceptions of architecture and landscape, and to create new experiences for viewers. By changing the context of the natural world images, the installations become unexpected, contemplative, and sometimes overwhelming spaces.

The videos in “Seas and Skies” are composites of incongruous waters and skies. With these pairings, the realism and perspective begin to shift within the frame.

The idea of the ‘horizon line’ is questioned and the scenes lose their context and become anonymous. By pushing the limits of the frame, and emphasising the interior architectural elements, this installation creates an environment that becomes sculptural, visual and experiential.

Cloud Room operates as both a sculpture in the middle of the room to be observed, but more interestingly as an interactive structure to be entered and experienced from within. Some clouds are barely moving, while others transform shape within seconds.

Each wall has a unique video that ranges from five to eleven minutes. These loop time variations mean that the room is never quite the same, thus creating a unique experience for viewers throughout the exhibit.

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