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Penny Woolcock \ From the Sea to the Land Beyond

The unique collaboration between filmmaker Penny Woolcock and best loved band British Sea Power, From the Sea to the Land Beyond, was created in a similar vein to Paul Wright's Arcadia. Woolcock’s collage film is also made up of over a century’s worth of archive footage from the BFI to comment on Britain’s arduous and ever-changing relationship to its coastline.

The film is a a window view into our unparalleled coastline and the role it plays in our lives, showing it during wartime, seaside holidays and as a hive of activity during the industrial age. Amalgamating the moving soundtrack from British Sea Power, an assortment of sound footage of vintage holidaymakers and sunbathers and holidaymakers, to the construction of boats, fishing and sailing creates an atmospheric moving image piece that relishes in the romanticism of the British seaside.

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