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Refik Anadol \ Data Universe

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Refik Anadol is an artist who works with digital media to create site-specific installations that use data and live audio and visual performances to create immersive installations. His works often explore the space between digital and physical entities by creating a hybrid relationship between the architecture and media arts with digital intelligence.

Anadol builds his works on the spectators interactions and reaction with his spatial experiences that explore data and machine intelligence. By embedding digital media into spatial architecture that surrounds the spectator, Anadol gives us a glimpse in to the possibilities of the future, post digital architectural, where all realities are digital.

Pladis : Data Universe

Anadol's Pladis : Data Universe is an immersive projected environment through which he explores the physical state of immersion; a state of consciousness where an spectator's awareness of physical self is transformed by being surrounded in an engulfing environment; often artificial, creating a perception of presence in a non-physical, virtual world.

Anadol explores the concept of infinity through the use of a dataset from NASA, which he used to deconstruct the framework of his illusory space and break down the normal boundaries of the spectator viewing experience by transforming the conventional flat projection into three dimensional kinetic and architectonic spaces of visualisation by using contemporary algorithms.

Archive Dreaming

In his installation Archive Dreaming, Anadol employed a machine capable of learning algorithms to search and sort relations among 1,700,000 documents. The interactions found in the archives of multidimensional data were then translated into an immersive digital installation. Something that I find interesting is that Archive Dreaming, is spectator-driven; however, when idle, the installation “dreams” of unexpected correlations among documents. The resulting high-dimensional data and interactions are translated into an architectural immersive space.

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